Our Beliefs

Articles of Faith

“The church accepts as its declaration of faith the New HampshireConfession of Faith. We believe that: the Bible in its original documents isthe inspired word of God, the written record of His supernatural revelation ofHimself to man, absolute in its authority, complete in its revelation, final inits content, and without any errors in its statement that there is one God,eternally existent, creator of the heaven and earth and that he is manifestedin three persons who are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that by one man’sdisobedience, many were made sinners; that the salvation of sinners is whollyof grace; that the great gospel blessing which Christ secures to such asbelieve in Him is justification; that in order to be saved sinners must be bornagain; that repentance and faith are sacred duties and also inseparable graceswrought in our lives by the regenerating spirit of God; that election is theeternal purpose of God; that sanctification is the process by which we are madepartakers of His Holiness; that real believers endure until the end; that thelaw of God is the eternal rule; that the Church of Christ is a congregation ofbaptized believers engaged in His work under the leadership of spiritualofficers; the Church has two scriptural ordinances: first, baptism is theimmersion in water of a believer; and second, the Lord’s supper is a memorialcommemorating the death of Christ; that the Lord’s day is the first day of theweek; that there is a difference between the righteous and the wicked; and,that at the end of this world judgment will fix forever the final state of menin heaven or in hell.”