Prayer List 

Jeffery Heard and his Family

June Brannon       Mariam Webb

Zack Kelly          The Weldy Family   

Wayne Willoughby(Cancer)

Avoline Bloodworth     Larry Smith

Louie Hansard         Kaitlyn Carter

Catherine Azar        Carolaine Brantley

Steve Brown Family    Maggie McGrath

Wendell McCleskey's mom   Alexa Larson    

Deacon Marvin Powell and wife Shirley                         

Home Preacher Sanford & his wife Louise 

Andrea McGrath grandson-Exavier

Sherry Phillips and Family



God answers prayer

Exavier attending Awana


Emily and Caroline accepted

Jesus As Thier Savior.


We Serve an

" Awsome God "

Levite's Hope Ministry

Our Special needs Ministry called Levites Hope, was started by former pastor Shaun Wright. I know that the Lord will bless this ministry. I also pray that the Lord will bless Castleberry Road Baptist church. I am thankful for the impact  the members at our church have made in my life. Specials thanks to Andrea's blog at:

Castleberry Road Baptist Outreach Ministries

As you begin your day the number one thing that will change your day is starting your day in prayer. The bible is very clear in the Lords prayer on instructions how to pray. What we can learn  from the life of Jesus is that he is a declaration  of faith.  He prayed to God in the wilderness and that is what we ought to do as well. Its in the moments yours faith is tested that you are drawn closer to God, no matter the brokenness no matter the storm just stand still and let God.